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Founded in 1994 by my father Don Baide, we are located in historic downtown Bozeman, Montana. My father now spends much of his time involved in the mining side of the jewelry business.The Gem Gallery

My father planned to phase out of the store and for me to phase in. The sale was to clear out old inventory with his retirement. This sale afforded me the opportunity to buy new merchandise to begin my takeover of the store.

We were familiar with Marsden Brothers Promotions through RJO shows. We saw their booth at several RJO shows and they were recommended by another RJO member. That jeweler we spoke with hired them for a sale and said it was a good experience. We also thought Marsden Brothers would do a better job than their competitors in keeping the sale focused on us. Their being a RJO member was another important factor to us.

The Gem Gallery InteriorWe were really happy with our Sales Director, Blake. He had good ideas tailored to our store and was great working with our clients. He filled the role as a salesperson when required as well as completing his Sales Director duties.

The sale went smoothly. Marsden Brothers kept us on track with everything going on during the sale. We even had the Covid outbreak to contend with and that complicated things.

We were really happy with the sale. The advertising and weekly promotions went well. MBP thought of approaches we would not have. We would absolutely use their services again.

We had a couple different goals for the sale. The minimum was breakeven. Then we had what we thought was a quite challenging goal to attain, and we said we would be impressed if we did that. The sale exceeded that challenging goal and went a couple hundred thousand over it! We were impressed!

Don Baide

The Gem Gallery

McCarty’s Jewelry

McCarty’s was established in 1932. In 1982, I became a partner and then took over sole ownership of the store. I wanted to bring it into the 21st century but maintain the integrity of the historic Long Beach store, even keeping the original neon sign.

I did discuss my plans to retire after 40 years in the business and close my store with several companies. Marsden Brothers Promotions was recommended to me by another jeweler. After meeting with Cliff Marsden, I found that I was much more in sync with Marsden Brothers. MBP has a very family-oriented feeling to it, which aligned with how we treated our customers – as family.McCarty's Jewelry Neon Sign

I had a goal of doing a year’s volume during my sale. The numbers were highly successful, reaching my goal. The staff at Marsden Brothers took a lot of time and pressure off. If I had to do this myself, I would have had to start 5 to 6 months early to get ready.

The personality of all Marsden’s staff just has a very family-oriented feeling to everyone in the organization. They are very congenial and down to earth. Our Sales Director, Judy, was just marvelous. She was hands on, very agreeable and offered good guidance during the sale.

The advertising plan for my sale included weekly promotions, which certainly generated new interest and and excitement. It surprised me how effective it would be and how well the public responded. I was quite pleased. Customers came in to tell me they were sad the store was closing, but they also stayed to buy merchandise.

I would recommend Marsden Brothers to other jewelers primarily because of the personalities of the organization. They are very professional in what the company offers. Of course, the success of the sale is also a prime reason to recommend them also. They are people you can trust.

Page Henley

McCarty's Jewelry

Karen Bandy Studio

My building had been sold, and I met with the new owners and knew it was a matter of time before I would be forced out due to a building remodel, and the last few years hadn’t been as profitable, so I started planning to retire. I was ready anyway, after 33 years of working for myself in the jewelry industry.

In a conversation with a gem supplier about retirement, he said he had just the person for me to talk to – Cliff Marsden. I spoke to Cliff and he explained the best plan for me and my custom design business.

After careful deliberation, I chose Marsden Brothers. They instilled confidence from day one. I felt very comfortable in their capable hands. They lead me through the whole process from start to finish. Cliff coached me on how to get rid of some of my vast inventory of loose gems too.

Working with Marsden Brothers Promotions is an incredibly positive experience! I couldn’t have done this without them!

I cannot believe how organized Marsden Brothers and their staff are. There were calendars, promotional materials, notebooks, and lots of feedback. I had a lot of problems with my landlord and they helped me through those obstacles. The staff answered all of my many questions, even on weekends.

I questioned MBP’s methods, but they were right in their approach. They thoroughly understand the psychology of the sale, the client, and the store.

I would recommend MBP to other jewelers without hesitation, they are positive, professional, and organized. They are true gentlemen and ladies and I really enjoyed working with them. My gem supplier couldn’t have recommended anyone better in the industry!

Even with the Covid-19 issue, people were lined up, waiting to get in my store. MBP was prepared for this, sending me masks and sanitizers to have on hand. My sale went better than I expected. I achieved my goals and then some.

I was told that the opening preview party and opening weekend would be about 27% of the total sales, I didn’t believe it. Well, sure enough, that was really close. I actually did about 35% of my total sales that first 4.5 days.

I was thrilled with the results, which exceeded my personal goal. The sale resulted in more than my annual sales. Almost every piece of my merchandise sold, and I have quite a bit of money to live off of for a long time. Who wouldn’t be happy with that outcome!

Karen Bandy

Karen Bandy Studio

Disinger Jewelers of Jasper

To exceed our goal during a pandemic was a beautiful thing.

I started to plan my retirement about 6 years ago. I attended RJO’s planning meetings and met the Marsden Brothers through RJO.

Disinger JewelersI interviewed a total of four companies. Cliff Marsden flew out and we discussed my goals. Marsden’s was the only company that truly listened to me and the buyer of the store to create a plan. And after reaching out to those who had been through the process, I hired Marsden Brothers.

Working with the Marsden Brothers Promotions’ staff was excellent. We communicated on a regular basis which was a huge help. They did customization of advertising, tweaking to fit the store.

Our Sales Director, Susan, was very professional and extremely helpful. She fit right in, and helped take the emotion out of the sale. I told my staff to be open minded. I told them I hired Marsden’s for their experience. We stuck to the plan Marsden Brothers had for the sale and it worked out perfectly.

Disinger Jewelers had been in the Jasper area for 88 years. I always felt with my 30 years’ experience that I could run my own sale. But we wouldn’t exceeded our goal without them or their Sales Director.

I absolutely would refer Marsden Brothers Promotions They listen to what your needs are. They share their stories and experiences. They are honest and ethical and truly care about the owners, staff, the store and in our case, a new  owner that was taking over after our sale.

Our sale produced more than our annual year’s volume in just 7 weeks! And, this wasn’t a true Going Out of Business sale, it was a retirement!

Disinger Jewelers Logo

Bob Disinger

Disinger Jewelers of Jasper

Trios Studio


After 15 years in this location, I was moving out of state. Kathe would not be available day to day and Mary started realizing she did not want to run a store by herself. Though Covid -19 had put a crimp in our style, it is not the reason for this decision. It really just seemed like the right time to transition to the next phase.

I had heard about Marsden Brothers Promotions for years from various sources, including two of our Vendor representatives. Once they knew we were planning the next chapter in our lives, I was strongly encouraged again, to contact Marsden Brothers Promotions. Once the contact was made, we decided to hire them to handle our closing sale.

Quite happy with the results especially considering the limitation of number of people in our store at a time due to the Covid issue. The sale resulted in over a year’s annual sales in 6 weeks. Actually, it was pretty fantastic!

The MBP staff was awesome to work with preparing for our sale. Everyone was always proactive and made sure we knew what was coming and why and how to proceed. I would say they were excellent. Our Sales Director, Steve is an Trios Jewwlryawesome sales guy. We were incredibly pleased with his work ethic and ability to step in and sell. He assisted in anything that needed to be done in the store.

I had a realistic goal of doing an annual sales figure and we actually did a little better than that in only 6 weeks! We sold almost all our inventory. I only had 5 of my custom pieces left!

Marsden Brothers Promotions made it extremely easy for me to take an accumulation of 15 years of stuff and condense it down into a really nice goodbye for my clients.

I would absolutely recommend Marsden Brothers because they know what they are
doing. The formulas were dead on….absolutely dead on! They know the psychology
and how effective it is. It was pleasure working with everyone.

Deborah Spencer

Trios Studio

Marshall Jewelry


We have known Cliff, Joe and Dennis Marsden for almost 40 years. We know them to be honest, and easy to work with. Marsden Brothers conducted a sale for us in 1997 and again about 6 years ago, so there was no question about hiring them again.

Marshall Jewelry

It was time for retirement and to be done with the business in this point in time. Even with the Covid-19 circumstance, it was time to exit stage right.

The weekly promotions brought in new customers every week We had brand new customers that had never been in the store before as well as the regular customers. Some customers came in 8-10 times during the course of the sale. The advertising campaign worked.

We had crowds of people that spent a lot of money during our sale. The final result was in 25% more than our total annual sale figure in 2019!

Kathy, our Sales Director was superb. She is exceptional and we were lucky to have her. She is knowledgeable, communicated clearly and interacted very well with our staff. She went above
and beyond her regular duties.

Our sale was very professionally handled. Our inventory was almost completely sold. Our goals were accomplished and more, as the sale did 25% more than the previous year’s annual figure!

We certainly would recommend MBP. In fact, we have already recommended Marsden Brothers Promotions to another jeweler.

Bruce & MaryAnn

Marshall Jewelry

Harold’s Jewelry

After 45 years in business, my wife and I decided it was time to retire and enjoy other things in life together.

We heard about Marsden Brothers Promotions from another jeweler and seeing testimonials from stores they had run sales for previously. This prompted our contact with Marsden Brothers Promotions.


Dealing with COVID-19 restrictions and a massive fire in the area in September, we were apprehensive about the timing of our sale. Many of our customers and other area residents lost their homes in the fires. The
Marsden Brothers gave us advice and encouragement. They thought we would do well, even though we were a smaller jewelry store compared to what they normally have.Harold's Jewelers Interior


The MBP office staff customized the advertising materials to fit our operation and store. During the preparation period, they explained the process and answered all our questions.

Our Director, Scott, was a perfect match for us. He was always friendly with a smile on his face to us, our employees, and our customers. He was more than willing to always help wait on customers and help the additional staff we brought in to work the sale. On days when the sales weren’t as much as we hoped, he was always encouraging and told us all stores have slow days. On days where we blew the numbers off the chart,

he was as excited for us as we were. Scott not only was our Sales Director, but has become a lifelong friend, and we hope to visit him in the future when traveling thru his home state.

The sale was beyond our expectations, even if the conditions had been perfect. We would never have been able to achieve the success we had, had we done the sale on our own. Customers came in who had lost their homes
and everything but the clothes they were wearing in the fire, yet bought a piece of jewelry to start all over again.

We would not hesitate to recommend Marsden Brothers Promotions. You have to trust MBP, they know what they are doing. We have proof Marsden Brothers’ methods work.

We have heard from other store owners that we had hired
the best company to hold our sale, and they were all right!
The results were beyond our expectations! Our sale did
80% MORE than our annual sales figure!

Harold Brenden

Harold's Jewelry

Warner Company Jewelers

Unlike many others, when we conducted our Going Out of Business Sale, it was not our choice. We were forced to close by our bank after the sudden passing of the owner. The circumstances of the sale made this very difficult time for the family and the nearly 50 employees of one of the most highly respected fine jewelers in the country.

Warner Company Jewelers

Shortly after I was notified of the bank’s decision to close the business down, the liquidators began swarming like flies. Having been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years, I thought I had seen it all, but the self-serving greed of the bank and some of the liquidators surprised even me. Warner Company JewelersDuring the court proceedings, there were surprise appearances by attorneys representing liquidators from the east coast and the south. None of them were looking for anything but to maximize their commission.

I had met Cliff Marsden on multiple occasions over the years and he knew exactly what the bank would do after the owner passed away. Unfortunately, his prediction of the bank’s action was correct. Cliff offered the services of Marden Brothers Promotions to conduct the GOB sale under court supervision. He had to overcome the objections of the other liquidators and he proved to the court that Marsden Brothers had the best plan for winding down the business.

I had many detailed conversations with Cliff, Joe and Dennis and despite the angst of the situation, they conducted themselves with tremendous professionalism and integrity. Marsden Brothers spent great deal of time studying our market and discussed multiple strategies for maximizing the outcome of our sale.

Warner Company JewelersDuring the preparation for the sale, there was excellent communication with Marsden Brothers staff and they met every deadline. During the sale, our Sale Director was very knowledgeable and cooperative. She worked well with management and staff in the store.

We had a very good outcome of the sale, despite the extremely depressed local economy (unemployment rate of 22%). In my 35 years in the jewelry industry, I have dealt with several companies who specialize in conducting sales for various reasons, but none have shown the kind of integrity as Marsden Brothers Promotions. I would absolutely recommend them to any other jeweler.


President, Warner Company Jewelers

Ayres Jewelry

Margaret and I both want to thank Marsden Brothers for helping us put on our very successful Retirement Sale. As third generation jewelers in a business 94 years old, we have been fortunate enough to be involved in this business for over 38 years.

When Margaret closed her store 15 years ago, Marsden Brothers was chosen to conducted the sale. Now that we were ready to retire, there was no question that we wanted Marsden Brothers to help us close Ayres Jewelry.

We questioned the recommendation to have 20-25 people on hand to work the opening days. During those days even with 22 sales associates working, we had shoulder to shoulder and wall to wall shoppers. Our preview night sale had people lined up down the block and around the corner waiting to get in the store. Our opening to the public
sale the following day was the same. WOW! Then, as now, the Sales Directors from Marsden Brothers have been top notch. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed working along side the Sales Director during our sale.

Ayres Jewelry InteriorIn our initial discussion with Cliff and Dennis, we were told that we had the potential of doing numbers comparable to our record previous year of business, during a 6 week sale with Marsden Brothers. While this prediction sure made us feel good, we still wondered “Really?”.

The 6 week sale resulted in us posting sales numbers much higher than our best ever year of sales and exceeded even the Marsden Brothers’ predictions. There is no way we could have pulled this off, on our own, anywhere near as successfully as Marsden Brothers helped us do.

If another jeweler would ever ask for our recommendation for a sale consultant for their jewelry business, we would not hesitate to recommend our friends at Marsden Brothers Promotions.


Ayres Jewelry

Okes Jewelers

After many years in the jewelry business, I made the decision to retire and spoke with several companies that handle these types of sales. I had been in discussions with other companies who gave me information about how they run their sales before I met with Cliff Marsden. The first thing I knew was that he was as concerned about me as he was with his business. After those discussions, I really felt they were the people I wanted to do business with.

The office staff was wonderful to work with. They talked to me about the advertising, filled me on the dates and they guided me in every aspect. Everyone was so congenial and nice. They provided a schedule that makes everything go so smoothly.

Okes Jewelers | StorefrontWe had a 4 hour preview sale by invitation and the results were absolutely astounding. We did approximately 2 ½ months business in 4 hours. During the entire weekend, we did more than a half years business in 4 days. It was totally incredible!

Our sales director, Judy, came to Casper a couple of days before the sale started and provided us with a lot of help. She did everything we asked of her, plus a million things that we didn’t ask. Also, she is really, really good behind the counter. Could not have had a better relationship throughout the sale.

At the end of my sale, there is very little of my inventory left. Marsden Brothers have done a tremendous job and the results were absolutely phenomenal!

The Marsden Brothers are easy to approach and honest. Integrity is a big part of my business. And trust me, it is a big part of their business.


President, Okes Jewelers

Raymond's Jewellers StorefrontRaymond’s Jewelers

My husband, Paul, passed away very unexpectedly. After 8 months, I was no longer interested in operating the business alone.

I was referred to Marsden Brothers Promotions by another jeweler that had hired them to run a sale. Cliff Marsden was kind and understanding of my situation. He was very thorough with the explanation of their services, the process of the closing, and what I could expect.

The Marsden Brothers staff was very clear about what information they needed from me and what they were going to do. And, they did what they said.

Raymond's Jewellers InteriorWe were well directed and organized. Our Sales Director from Marsden Brothers, Keena, brought organization to what could have been chaos. I felt confident in the process and in her guiding us
through the sale. Our Sales Director was liked by everyone. She has a gift of being able to direct and guide without being overbearing. We love her.

We were crazy busy the opening weekend of my sale! The marketing certainly worked to bring customers into the store. The sales were great!

Overall, I was very happy with the results of the sale. And, I was very happy with the end results. Thank you so much for all MBP has done. This was truly a difficult time for me, and Marsden
Brothers Promotions was able to lighten my load immeasurably.


Raymond's Jewelers

Belgian Diamond Specialties

I felt from the very beginning if we did 1/2 of Marsden Brothers’ projections, this would be the minimum to be satisfied. That minimum was reached after 2 weeks. I can say we did almost TWICE what I thought was possible, so it’s easy to say our goals were met!

With nearly 40 years in the jewelry business, my wife and I decided to implement our exit strategy. There were changes in the dynamics of the jewelry industry in general and also changes within our local area. One of our longest trusted suppliers mentioned Marsden Brothers and we contacted them.

Bob Skubis | President | Belgian Diamond SpecialtiesMy wife and I had no experience in a GOB sale. We didn’t have any idea of what to expect or to what degree of success. Over lunch, Cliff Marsden was very clear about his prediction of the outcome based on our inventory, customer base and length in business in our community. I thought the numbers might be a reach, but Cliff’s experience suggested a possibility.

Starting with Cliff, to the office staff, everyone was so pleasant and on point. They all checked and double checked on preparations, equipment, number of help/staff, and advertising. They were always kind, calm and ready, which was nice because we had no idea the enormity of the first week…but they did.

Our director laid out a ‘battle’ plan. I’m very glad everyone paid attention to her. A home run was hit on the selection of Kathy as our Sales Director. She was the sweetest, kindest, happiest slave driver! Not only was she as sharp as a tack, she didn’t miss a thing. She showed up early and left with the last of us.

The first two days, the numbers were slightly above projected goals. This in itself was impressive because I’m very pragmatic about sales claims and projections. Now it was just about letting the people with the experience and wisdom do their jobs, and just see where this ends up. I expected the few days following the opening weekend not to be as strong – but the sales still kept coming and by the end of the first week, it clearly went really well. We ran our sale about 6-7 weeks and I felt from the very beginning if we did 1/2 of Cliff’s projections, this would be the minimum to be satisfied. That minimum was reached after 2 weeks

At the end of it all, I can say we did almost TWICE what I thought was possible so it’s easy to say our goals were met. It went very well, so well that I don’t have any reason or need to look back. That chapter had a really satisfying ending.

So thank you to the entire gang, it’s a milestone in our lives and we’re very happy to have had you there.


President, Belgian Diamond Specialties

AH Gaspar Jewelers InteriorA.H. Gaspar Jewelers

In June of 2013, after 33 years of business, my ex-husband decided to retire from the business we started. He had been talking about it for so long no one really believed he would do it. Then he signed a contract with Marsden Brothers for them to help him run a Going Out of Business Sale. To say I was skeptical was an understatement. What they told us they would do and the results we would get, I wasn’t sure anyone could do.

I was dead wrong! They said we would have a line out the door and we did. I mean a really big line! They said we needed 4 people to ring up the sales and 12 to wait on the customers, and they were right, we needed every one of them.

The first day I went home and did the math for the first 4 hours of our sale. We were ringing up at the rate of $550 per minute! This was fantastic! Then they sent a special letter. Oh my word, that really brought the people in. Talk about fun, and how the customers really loved it.

Really, I can’t say enough about how great this experience was for us.

Oh, and did I mention the support staff they sent along? Mike and Lynn couldn’t do enough to support and help us in any way possible. I mean we really needed a therapist on staff with emotions running high. Honestly the going out of business sale was a huge success and I know we could not have done this on our own!

AH Gaspar Jewelers InteriorThe Marsden Brothers have a winning formula and I have no problem saying if I had to do it all over again I would call upon the Marsden Brothers.

As of this review Mr. Gaspar is happily retired and his daughters reopened a jewelry store in the same lo-cation and are doing very well on their own.


A.H. Gaspar Jewelers

deLuna Jewelers Storefront

DeLuna Jewelers

After 48 years in the jewelry business, we couldn’t decide what our best exit plan would be. We had been debating on whether to sell our business or to liquidate our business and leave a great name and legacy in the community we served. Our answer had finally come down to liquidation.

We had talked to several liquidation companies and just didn’t feel that they had the same end goals that we were wanting. MARSDEN BROTHERS WAS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT CAME TO MEET WITH US PERSONALLY. When speaking with Cliff we felt that he had the best projection and understanding of our goals and needs. This proved to be right!!!

During the preparation period we had constant communication with the Marsden Brothers Promotion’s staff. The key is to plan ahead of time, which MBP did. They were always there to answer our questions and Cliff even flew in to further discuss. Marsden Brothers Promotion’s, step by step advice was great help in keeping our end goal in sight. They brought in a professional and fantastic director for our event. Our director Kathy led us step by step in preparing for our sale. We were set up and ready to go the day our sale broke open. Our director worked hours side by side with us night and day. Our director was confident and knew how to keep our staff motivated. She went beyond our expectations!

deLuna Jewelers InteriorWe had no clue how many of our customers would come in and support us. WE BARELY KEPT UP WITH OUR CUSTOMERS. PEOPLE WERE BUYING EVERYTHING. Our showroom was packed. We exceeded one month’s volume in just ONE day. Throughout the sale we continued to meet and EXCEED our sales goals. Cliff was accurate in our projection. Knowing your inventory is a major key in the success of the sale.

In the end our expectations for an efficient, professional, personalized and speedy liquidation were more than fully met. OUR RESULTS WERE FANTASTIC. WE HAD SOLD IT ALL. YOU HAVE TO TRUST AND LISTEN TO WHAT MARSDEN BROTHERS PROMOTIONS TELLS YOU, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. We would highly recommend Marsden Brothers Promotions to anyone in the position of wanting to conduct this type of sale. YOU WILL NOT DE DISAPPOINTED!


Owners, deLuna Jewelers

Thompson Haugen Jewelers

We were getting beyond retirement age and decided it was time to make a change in our lives. So we started looking into a retirement sale. We have had a good long run as partners for 23 years. It was sad, but time to go. We had read about Marsden Brothers in jewelry magazines and contacted them.

It was like MBP had a magic wand.
It went like they said. The end result was just fantastic!

Initially, we had a conference call with Cliff Marsden. We had a lot of questions and Cliff answered them all, putting our minds at ease. Then Dennis Marsden made a trip out to look at our store, and what product we carried. That eased our minds about the process too.

In preparation for our sale, we were apprehensive about how all this was going to work. Everyone at MBP was very professional and helped us do everything in a timely manner. It was wonderful how everything worked out as organized by MBP. We questioned it at first, but boy we found out that Marsden Brothers Promotions knows what they are doing.

Our Director, Susan, kept guiding us on reductions and ideas. She did a good job with the staff and we all liked her. We needed her to keep us moving. Things went just great.

Our opening weekend was fantastic. Again, MBP told us it would be, but we could not imagine it. It was absolutely a fantastic first 5 days!

The results of our sale exceeded our expectations. Again, we were pessimistic. However, our goals were met; the sale really exceeded them. We did over a year’s volume in about 4 ½ weeks. We are very, very pleased.
We only had one tiny tray of rings left; that was all! The results of the sale were fantastic! You can’t ask for more than that!

We would absolutely recommend Marsden Brothers.
Give them a call and talk it through. If you have any questions, they have a way of explaining everything that makes you feel very comfortable.


President, Thompson Haugen Jewelers

Edgardo Jewelers StorefrontEdgardo Jewelers

After 37 years in business, I decided I was ready for a change and wanted to retire. For our moving sale 10 years prior, I had used Marsden Brothers and that sale went well.

After my decision to close the store, I had talks with Cliff Marsden and also one other company. Cliff always took all of my calls when I had questions, and even visited the store to talk in person. Everything went really well with Cliff Marsden and although I got cold feet, and postponed closing the store for another year, I did want to go with Marsden Brothers.

In preparing for the sale, everything was explained very well and the Pre-Sale Book Marsden Brothers provided was very handy for reference. We had three days to actually set up the store for the opening of my sale. Marsden’s staff explained what was needed to be done on pricing and categorizing, and it was orchestrated well. If I had a question, it was answered promptly.

Edgardo Jewelers InteriorInitially I thought the promotional events would only bring in people who just wanted something for nothing, and would not buy anything. But I have to say, every time there was an event, we did really good numbers. The events brought in buyers.

The Marsden Brothers Sales Director was on the ball. When on the floor, she sold a lot of merchandise. She did everything she could to make the sale successful.

We were told we need 20 people for the opening weekend and I thought MBP was crazy. It turned out we needed every single one of them. We had 5 people at the registers to keep up. The sales numbers we did on the first day were more than we normally did in several months combined.

Cliff Marsden explained what would happen and it did! We were given a low, medium and high mark on sales – and we hit the high mark. Overall we are very pleased with the results of the sale. It could not have gone any better. I would recommend hiring the Marsden Brothers to anyone.


President, Edgardo Jewelers

Grimball Jewelers StorefrontGrimball Jewelers

There were several reasons I decided to run this sale. I like everything about this business, and being that I am only 66, I had not planned to retire. However, there are huge headwinds against small retail stores in this economy now. Every year more and more stores close because the internet eats into the sales and profits.

The main reason for my sale is that I had the premier corner location on the main street in my town and my lease was not renewed. The town had a different plan for this area. Moving to a new location would have required spending about $200,000 to have a store comparable to this one.

Still, it took six months and a lot of angst to make the decision to close my store. My decision to choose Marsden Brothers was because they came highly recommend by a friend in the industry that I respect a great deal. I met with Dennis Marsden who came to the store; I liked him and had good feeling from that meeting. The fact that is, I got a feeling for the personal integrity of all the brothers I spoke with.

There was not a time during the sale that there were not customers in my store. The approach was not what I would have done, but it absolutely worked.

Working with the staff at Marsden Brothers was very good. Everybody was responsive and professional throughout the process. The advertising worked very well and we stayed within the budget we needed to spend. Having the Marsden’s took the stress off, particularly for the marketing part of this. I didn’t realize what we would need.

I am very happy of the amount of my inventory which was liquidated. I had very little left at the end of the sale; mainly semi-mounts. Also, the Sales Director was positive, experienced, had a great attitude and was a pleasure to work with.

My main recommendation is even if you think you could do better yourself, it is a one shot deal here. You don’t want to screw it up by making mistakes. You want a company that has the experience and integrity of Marsden Brothers. My sales goals were met and exceeded the base levels more than a years worth of business.

I looked at other options, but preferred the less corporate feel of Marsden’s. I definitely would recommend Marsden Brothers Promotions to other jewelers.


President, Grimball Jewelers

Milner's Jewelers StorefrontMilner’s Jewelers

It was just time and we wanted to retire. An investment opportunity in another state became available to us, so we began to plan our sale with our retirement in mind. We wanted to deal with a personable, experienced company for our sale. A Jewelry Sales Representative that we know recommended we speak with Marsden Brothers Promotions.

Cliff Marsden came to our store and met with us. We wanted to know exactly how this would all work. He was very informative and specific in answering our questions. It was an excellent meeting.

The Marsden’s staff was very professional in preparation for our sale. They were very helpful in all aspects and their experience was evident. Someone in Marsden’s administration was always there for us when we needed anything.

We would say, we really did not expect the volume of people in the store and in hindsight, should have had more help on hand. We were incredibly busy, and exceptionally so on the opening 4 days of the sale.

Our Sales Director from Marsden Brothers was absolutely wonderful. She was here at a tough time for her, but it did not affect her attitude or performance. Right when she got to our store, there was an enormous fire by her home community in California. She had all the experience and was a very good fit for our store and sale.

Everything in the advertising worked. We are very happy with the advertising. The largest majority of our inventory sold. We are very happy with everything overall and would absolutely, 100%, recommend Marsden Brothers Promotions to any jeweler.


Milner's Jewelers

Neugebauer's Fine Jewelry InteriorNeugebauer’s Fine Jewelry

Originally, I owned a jewelry store in North Dakota. Marsden Brothers was contracted to conduct a closing sale for my store there, but at the beginning of that sale, someone came in and bought my store. Then the nature of the sale changed. Marsden Brothers was quickly able to go a different direction with the theme and it was very successful!

After 37 years at Neugebauer’s, Rich was spending less time in the store. It was time to make it official and have his retirement sale. Although my husband Rich retired, we have 3 children in this business, and the kids and I are not ready to retire. So, we hired Marsden Brothers to handle this for us.

With this retirement sale, our goals were different. We wanted to move older inventory and also lower our overall inventory level. This was very successful. Rich Baumann was able to retire, and we were able to remodel the store without any debt whatsoever.

Marsden’s support staff managed all of the marketing and it was fantastic. Everything they scheduled was done on time and went out on time. It all worked like clockwork. It was easy for me; I did not have to do anything.

That first week of the sale was absolutely crazy, busy and very successful. Then as it went on, the extra pushes designed for different dates brought people in. The Sales Director chosen for our store was “the bomb”. He was awesome. He worked as hard as all of my staff. He fit right in, everyone loved him and he was very talented sales person, managed the paper work and did an excellent job.

We reached our sales goal. The overall sales numbers were right where we wanted them to be. The sale was very successful in moving our inventory. It completely paid for our remodel. We closed for 4 weeks after the sale and did a remodel on the store – kind of a new beginning.

I would absolutely recommend Marsden Brothers Promotions. They managed all of the details and specific items for promotions. They handled everything, which was a huge amount of things to
be done. None of us was left wondering what to do. I have been involved in more than one sale now with Marsden Brothers and I feel they are the best option out there.


Neugebauer's Fine Jewelry

Touchstone Jewelers StorefrontTouchstone Jewelers

We had been thinking about closing for years and we had heard great things about Marsden Brothers Promotions. When I talked with Cliff he was very upbeat and we were impressed that he actually flew out to meet us. Cliff knew what he was talking about, he was very humble and knowledgeable. We asked many questions of which Cliff answered. We did our research and the fees that Marsden Brothers Promotions charged were comparable to other companies. One thing that stood out was they are very family oriented. My sister and I were very impressed with the numbers that he said he could do for us.

The results were amazing….. The staff at Marsden Brothers were great to work with and walked us through the sale every step of the way. When it was time for our sale to begin they sent us an amazing director. When we met with Kris we were impressed with her experience and her down to earth qualities. Our director took care of everything, regarding the sale, which let us take care of what we needed to take care of. They definitely matched our company up with her. The night of our VIP sale we were ASTONISHED we moved 3 months of volume in only 4 hours. IT WAS STANDING ROOM ONLY!!! We HAD to keep the cases full so not to discourage the customers from buying. The traffic we had stayed constant throughout the whole sale, we were amazed.

If I had any words of wisdom to prospective client it would be to “FOLLOW THE PLAN, LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY AND YOU WILL HAVE A PRODUCTIVE SALE!!!


President, Touchstone Jewelers

Beckman Jewelers

Beckman Jewelers was founded in 1888 in Ottawa, Ohio. Our great-grandfather, Alexander Beckman was the first-generation jeweler. Barney and I are fourth generation “Beckman” jewelers. Now my son and Barney’s nephew, Greg, was ready to own and manage the business. We knew this time would come to retire, but how could we make it work? We realized we needed help to reduce the large amount of goods in our store in order to retire.

The search was on to find the right people to help us. Two trusted sales representatives who called on us mentioned “The Marsden Brothers”. So, we gave them a call.

Cliff Marsden flew out to meet with us, see our store, and have a dinner meeting. That evening he laid out many different scenarios and options. Cliff said to call with any questions or concerns, which we did. Several weeks later the decision was made to work with Marsden Brothers Promotions

The first five days bypassed our best ever entire Christmas Season.

A guidebook for the process was sent to us. Yes, work was required on our end to prepare for our “Retirement Sale”. When questions or concerns arose, the MBP staff would enthusiastically take our phone calls and quickly reply to emails. That was a big help.

Our Director from Marsden’s, Kathy, is a veteran of coordinating special sale events. She rearranged our store for the best efficiency in making sales. We could not have done it without her.

We were advised to expect large crowds, so we were prepared for them. The sales figures for the first weekend
of our sale far exceeded expectations. The first five days bypassed our best ever entire Christmas Season. Our final sales figures in just 4 weeks, was about 2/3 of our annual sales or more.

After the sale, we had some questions regarding value of some things in our store and Cliff was willing to give us advice on those. I think that is quite unique. No one else does that.

Yes, the “Retirement Sale” was so surprisingly successful. Our goals were certainly met. The inventory was drastically reduced, and Beckman Jewelers maintained the reputation as a trustworthy place to do business. For that we are also thankful.

Stan and Barney Beckman



President, Beckman Jewelers

Woody's Jewelry Interior

Woody’s Jewelry

Our decision to close our store came about from tiring of the day to day grind of running the business. Although the business was still good, it was simply time and we had no kids to take over.

We had no idea how to approach a going out of business sale, so we researched Marsden Brothers through RJO and talking to some of our jewelry sales representatives. The conversations with Cliff were much more comfortable than with other similar companies.

Thank goodness we listened to these professionals and hired them to put the sale together for us. From the office staff to our Sales Director, everything went like clockwork. We followed the plan for setting up our store for the sale. Our Sales Director was knowledgeable and experienced. Also, her guidance was very valuable with temporary sales help we hired just for our sale. You hire professionals for a reason. That reason is results.

We highly recommend Marsden Brothers Promotions. They had our best interests in mind! We would advise jewelry retailers that they need to listen and follow Marsden’s instructions to a “T.”

We heard from another jeweler that hired Marsden Brothers that they had people lined up at the door on opening day. People were lined up waiting to get in for our opening day also. In fact, we had to have someone at the door to control the crowd.

Our sales goals were met and exceeded, beginning with the opening weekend, which was way over what we anticipated. There was no way we could have reached even half of what the sales figures were by ourselves. Marsden Brothers had a new push every few days that brought in a new wave of customers. We had not advertised extensively in the past, due to our longevity in business and being in a smaller community. But, it was necessary for our sale, broadening our reach producing great results.


Woody's Jewelry

Classic Jewelers

After 42 years in the jewelry business, I wanted to retire and close my store. I had a lot of concerns about trying to do this myself. Would it work? Also, I had a lot of reservations to have someone else handle the sale for me. Marsden Brothers Promotions was recommended to me by a jewelry sales rep.

In a short time during a meeting with Cliff Marsden, I had confidence. Any fears I had, Cliff absolutely took them away. Classic Jeweler in Fargo, North DakotaCliff is passionate about what he does and he knows what MBP can do for me.

The MBP office staff is the best. Getting ready for the sale requires preparation. Getting as many names on the customers list is really important and may take some additional time to add to it, but is worth that effort. The MBP staff encouraged me and responded right away to any questions I had getting ready.

Jewelers should use Marsden Brothers Promotions because they are good. Their interest is in a successful outcome for the store owner, with more money in the owner’s pocket.

During the whole process Marsden Brothers’ interest was getting me what I needed. Any time I had a question or problem, they had a solution for it. Marsden Brothers know how to bring customers in, their expertise in marketing brings in customers with promotional events that change, you need different promotions to attract customers to come in.

My sale went much better than I expected. There was a snow storm that hit right at noon on the opening day, but I still did tremendous numbers. The opening weekend did very, very well in sales.

The result of the sale is that it did 2 times as much as I thought it would!


Calette Frisinger

Classic Jewelers

Kevin Main Jewelry

After 45 years in the business as store owner and bench jeweler for Kevin and 20 years of store management for Kathi, it was time for a new adventure.

We were discussing our desire to close the store with our sales rep and he had a client in the Bay Area that was having a positive experience working with Marsden Brothers.

Kevin Main Jeweler


We met with Cliff Marsden and felt comfortable with him. His explanation of the process seemed like it was a good fit for our store and personalities.  Marsden Brothers Promotions has a formula that works.

Before and during the sale, MBP’s office staff was patient, knowledgeable and prepared, which took the guess-work out of it for us. Our personal experience was positive and we were very appreciative of the professional guidance given by our Director, Kris, and the MBP staff.

The first 4 hours of our sale resulted in a little over $200,000! The final total for our 6 week sale equaled our annual sales.

The marketing was done in such a way that created a dramatic sense of urgency and it was very obvious that our clients got the message. The promotional products that were brought in to supplement our inventory attracted some of the community that had not previously shopped with us. The special promotions certainly brought in a lot of people. Since clients knew the brands, having items from our inventory at greatly reduced prices was pretty powerful and generated add-on sales.

The prediction for the special invitation event on Wednesday night was met, which relieved a bit of the anxiety over what was such an unknown to us. Marsden Brothers’ projected  numbers from the first day to the last week of the sale were right on target!

Our sales goals met our expectations and we were quite pleased with the overall results and were exuberant over the success! We felt we had accomplished our goals and had given our clients an opprotunity to purchase quality products at a great price. And, we are so excited about the next chapter in our lives. 



Kathy and Kevin Main

Kevin Main Jewelry


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