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At Marsden Brothers, it is our number one goal to help you and make your sale successful. Contact us to see what Marsden Brothers can do for you.


Who We Are

Marsden Brothers Promotions is a family run business. Three brothers, Joe, Cliff and Dennis, work together towards the common goal of helping jewelers retire or transition their business in dignity and comfort.

We understand your challenges because we have faced them. In 1961 our father founded and ran 5 jewelry stores that we grew up in and later helped run. We have each put blood, sweat, tears and resources into the business. We have enjoyed great successes and dealt with our share of challenges.

What We Do

MBP is in the business of helping jewelers in any kind of transitionary situation in their business. We design a program that focuses on the jewelers and whatever their needs are. That usually means helping to liquidate the owner's inventory and raising as much cash as possible. We will build a program that fits you!! That means designing specifically for you and your community.

We specialize in retirement, moving, and going out of business events, whether because of death of an owner or partner, a health crisis, the need to downsize, or transfer of ownership, to maximize all your years of hard work in your community. Your reputation is very important to Marsden Brothers Promotions.